With over 30 years of incident free firearms handling we have the skills needed to teach you how to use a firearm, safely. With experience teaching brand new shooters, all the way to coaching and assisting Law Enforcement Officers with their skills, we have what it takes to get you on track. 
​Holding multiple certificates issued by nationally recognized organizations including NRA, AHA, FEMA, DHS  in everything from Home firearms safety and handling, CPR Instruction, Active Shooter, Workplace Violence and more. I am continually searching out ways to improve my skills so that I can be a better instructor with everything that we teach our clients. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to seeing you on the range! 

​​​​Veteran owned
Fully insured
​NJ State Certified EMT
AHA Certified CPR Instructor
Training and consulting
Safety in the home
NRA Certified
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
Personal Awareness
Private lessons
30+ years of safe firearms handling



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