NRA RSO   (Range Safety O​fficer)

NRA Range Safety Officer provides a clear foundation running a firing range, including safety, organizational and inspection aspects. It is designed to give the student the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to take charge of a range-based shooting event. NRA Range Safety Officer is an 8-9-hour training course that covers the layout of firing ranges, developing Standard Operating Procedures, conducting range briefings, identifying and safely dealing with firearm malfunctions and dealing with firing range emergencies. 

We start with the role and responsibility of the RSO, and the importance of Standard Operating Procedures. Then we move on to the structure and layout of a firing range, how to identify and describe the range limits, conduct a range inspection, and clearly describe range rules in the context of a Range Safety Briefing. The course concludes with a description of procedures for dealing with range-related emergencies and the emergency services (including forearm stoppages and malfunctions), and how to properly control shooters on th e range and at the firing line.

This is a beginner-level course, suitable for people with some experience of shooting and shooting ranges and facilities. This course does not require a firearm or live-fire. It can be taken by adults and supervised older children. The only things you need to bring are a light lunch, pen and notepad, highlighter, willingness to learn and a desire to succeed.

We provide all training materials, firearms, non-functioning training "ammunition", classroom and range facilities, water, coffee and snacks. At the end of the course, we conduct a short diagnostic examination and issue a Certificate of Training and an RSO Patch. Most of all, you'll take away a great experience, a working knowledge of ranges and range procedures and improved safety concepts.


TIME: 0830 - 1800

Cost: $175


Chief Range Safety Officer

To take this module, you must have passed BIT and you must hold the Range Safety Officer rating. 

Please donot bring a firearm or ammunition to this class.

Everything will be provided.

Chief Range Safety Officers are able to instruct others on the Range Safety Officer course, and to certify people with the RSO rating. Chief RSO candidates will learn how to instruct others in the duties and responsibilities of the Range Safety Officer, including: firing range standard operating procedures, firing range inspection, establishing firing rage rules, dealing with firearm stoppages and malfunctions and range safety briefings, including emergency procedures. 


TIME: 0830 - 1700


Cost: $225.00

NRA BIT Course (Basic Instructor Training)

​In this first module, Instructor Candidates learn about the core skills required to teach NRA student-level courses, such as: introduction of speakers, use of visual and other teaching aids, the ethics of running a class and working with minor children, and how to plan, promote and advertise an NRA class. Once obtained, the BIT does not have to be retaken in order to add additional disciplines (there are certain time limits that apply here). Instructor Candidates work in teams, alternating between presenting elements of the course to the other candidates, who offer constructive critiques, and playing the role of the students. Please note that the BIT is not a certification in and of itself - but it must be passed in order to obtain a discipline certification.Please do not bring a firearm or ammunition to this class. Everything will be provided.


TIME: 0830 - 1700


Cost: $175.00

More detailed information for the 2016 calendar such as additional courses, their locations and times to be updated shortly.

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