Shotgun Home Defense

This course is geared towards shotgun owners with the basic knowledge of how their firearm works. This course builds on the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to improve defensive marksmanship with your shotgun. We do require that people wishing to take this course have a decent understanding of the shotgun they intend to use for this course.  At this time no certificates are issued for this course but we are working on that. Please see our Policies page prior to contacting us about courses we offer.

In this course we will introduce the skills essential to placing accurate hits on target in a home defense situation with your shotgun of choice. 

Some of the things we will cover include:

Equipment & accessories 

Putting rounds on target and their affect

The difference between being on the defense or the offense

Different ways to load your shotgun, address malfunctions and stoppages 

Proper Stance

The differences between cover and concealment and shooting from them

Staging your firearm in your home and related topics

Gear requirements:

​A reliable Semi or Pump action shotgun (preferably with sling)
Range/Weather appropriate clothing and shoes
A minimum of 250 rounds of birdshot.

10 rounds of 00 Buck

10 rounds of a slug of your choice

A "dump pouch" that can be secured to your belt for holding loose ammunition

or a shotgun bandolier 

The rate for this block of instruction is $150.00 to be paid at the time it is given. This course is scheduled for 3hrs but may run closer to 4hrs depending on the amount of students and class pace. Cash or PayPal accepted. Included in this cost are the targets & stands and live fire range fees. This course will take place at Fort Dix Range 14 both on the long range and on the Trap/Skeet field. Feel free to use the contact form located on the "About Us" page to reach out with any additional questions or concerns.